In September 2019, I was placed on modified bedrest at 24 weeks pregnant. Aside from endless Netflix and “adult” coloring books, I needed something else to keep me entertained. I placed an online pick-up order from Michael’s Craft Store that consisted of 4 colors of thread, 3 embroidery hoops, small scissors, a fabric pen, and a set of threading needles. I then googled “how to hand embroider,” and through a few blog posts and YouTube videos, I taught myself how to embroider. 

Lily End Stitch, however, was not created until July 2020 when I decided I wanted to bring an old sweatshirt “back to life.” I stitched “Lily’s Mama” on the heart of a sweatshirt I had in my closet and although the placement was way off (half the writing was on the armpit area… oops!), I received a ton of compliments and everyone wanted one of their own. 

So here we are, over 500 custom pieces have been embroidered,
and this is only the beginning! Thank you for all of the love and support!